SVP Series Vertical Panel Saws

By design, vertical panel saws offer space-saving and safety benefits that cannot be matched by sliding panel saws. Every Putsch® SVP Series panel saw features a fully-welded monolithic steel frame with a 4-inch bottom tube for unparalleled durability, stability and cutting accuracy. Our cut tolerance is a tenth of a millimeter over a meter—the best available in the industry.

Our self-braking motors are "made for America" UL/CSA registered, not the European CE motors offered by competitors. Putsch® offers multiple model configurations, features and add-ons for tremendous adaptability and functionality.

Putsch® SVP Series

SVP 133/145 Classic, highly adaptable model series for all sheet types and budget
SVP 320/420 Motorized twin-blade scoring and THK linear guides for premium quality cuts
SVP 950 3-inch cutting depth for stack cutting capability
Looking for in-stock machines?

Putsch® has a wide range of in-stock machinery and is therefore able to offer shortened lead-times on specific machines

Panel Saws Edgebanders
Model Sheet Size (ft) Sheet Size (mm)
SVP 133 Space Saver 4' × 8' 1400 × 2500
SVP 133/ 133 A 5' × 10' 1700 × 3200
SVP 145 /145 A 7' × 12' 2080 × 4200
SVP 320 /320 A 5' × 10' 1700 × 3200
SVP 420, A, CS I A/T 6' × 13' 2080 × 4200
SVP 420 ALU 6' × 13' 2080 × 4200
SVP 950 6' × 17' 2100 × 5300
SVP 1080 (Glass Saw) 8' × 10'
(available in other sizes)
2520 × 3200
(available in other sizes)

Extended frames are available upon request.

Putsch® offers independent motorized scoring that is standard on the SVP 320/420 Series. For panel saws that do not feature active scoring, Putsch® offers a scoring knife attachment that scores material before the blade to help ensure clean cuts.

Putsch® isn't only a supplier of parts, but provides whole solutions to maximize your profit. Consult your Putsch® representative or authorized Putsch® dealer for which option(s) are best suited for your needs.