SVP Series Vertical Panel Saws

By design, vertical panel saws offer space-saving and safety benefits that cannot be matched by sliding panel saws, and we believe that Putsch® Group builds the best vertical panel saw on the market. Every Putsch® SVP Series panel saw features a fully-welded monolithic steel frame with a 4-inch bottom tube for unparalleled durability, stability and cutting accuracy (10mm / 1m). Our self-braking motors are "made for America" UL/CSA registered, not the European CE motors offered by competitors. Putsch® offers multiple model configurations, features and add-ons for tremendous adaptability and functionality.

Putsch® SVP Series

SVP 133/145 Classic, highly adaptable model series for all sheet types and budget
SVP 320/420 Motorized twin-blade scoring and THK linear guides for premium quality cuts
SVP 950 3-inch cutting depth for stack cutting capability
SVP 980 A/T Fully automatic vertical panel saw with touchscreen access to controls, cut lists and manuals

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