Excellence in filter press technology:
every product, every time.

From our high capacity filters press systems to our smallest pilot filter, Putsch® is moving technology forward.

Membrane Filter Press Systems

There are more than 1,000 of our PKF high capacity filters in service worldwide. For more than 25 years, the continually improved PKF Series has been the industry standard in many processing industries. Advantages include:

  • Fully automated operations
  • Short cycle times for high capacity
  • Up to 90% dry substance depending on application
  • Extremely low residual dissolved solids in the cake
  • Reduced water usage during cake wash
  • Low compressed air usage
  • Operator-friendly handling
  • Optional automatic cloth washer
  • Safety devices
  • Robust design for 24/7 operation

Filter Plates

  • Can be used for filter pressures up to 232 psig
  • Available in special materials to accommodate continuous operations and temperatures up to 195° F and as low as 32° F
  • Feature external filtrate channels, protecting and extending the life of filter cloths
  • Variable volume chambers (membrane plates)

Putsch® Filter Cloths

  • Double-layer cloths combination for faster drain of the filtrate
  • Drain efficiency requires a smaller filter area

High Viscosity Self-cleaning Sibomat Screen Filter

Automatic and self-cleaning, the Sibomat screen filter was originally developed for the filtration of highly viscous materials. It is also ideal for special and economically efficient pre-filtration processes. Hundreds of Sibomat Putsch® filters are in service worldwide: a sure solution for a robust filtration of high viscosity liquids. Advantages include:

  • Fully automated and self-cleaning
  • Rugged, all stainless steel construction
  • Different screen sizes available
  • Quick and easy screen exchange

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