Which SVP is right for you?
Space Saver
4' x 8' sheets
SVP 133
5' x 10' sheets
SVP 145
7' x 12' sheets

Putsch® SVP 133/145 Series

For over 20 years, the SVP 133/145 Series has been the most popular line of Putsch® vertical panel saws in North America. Putsch® technology starts with a strong foundation; every machine is built using a heavy-duty monolithic steel frame to ensure accurate horizontal and vertical cuts (1/10th of mm/m). Coupled with a powerful UL-registered 5 hp main motor, the SVP 133/145 is a true workhorse that is ready to tackle any job.

We believe in offering value as well as quality, which means features like a horizontal repeat strip cutting device, aluminum support and lift-roller system and mid-grid retractable support shelf aren’t optional – they’re standard equipment.

SVP 145
Space Saver requires less than 60 sq. ft. of floor space

The versatile Putsch® SVP 133/145 Series can be easily integrated into any workshop, regardless of budget. Every saw variation can be adapted to cut or groove a myriad of materials including wood-based products, solid surface, plastics, non-ferrous metals and composite panels. This includes the “just what you need” Basic, the moderately equipped Standard and the Automatic variation with automatic travel, plunging and carriage return.

The Putsch® SVP 133/145 Series is offered in three standard frame sizes (with extended frames available upon request):

  • The ultra-compact Space Saver (perfect for basic 4' x 8' sheets)
  • The mid-sized SVP 133 (ideal for 5' x 10' sheets)
  • The larger SVP 145 (for 12' or longer sheets)

Technical Specifications

Model Max. Cut Height Max. Trimming Height Max. Cutting Length Max. Cut Depth Blade Diameter Blade (RPM)
SVP 133 Space Saver 5' 3"
1600 mm
4' 6"
1400 mm
8' 2"
2500 mm
60 mm
250 mm 6360
SVP 133
SVP 133 A
6' 3"
1900 mm
5' 6"
1700 mm
10' 6"
3200 mm
60 mm
250 mm 6360
SVP 145
SVP 145 A
7' 2"
4' 7"
13' 9"
250mm 6360

Feature Comparisons

Features SVP 133 Space Saver SVP 133/145 S SVP 133/145 SVP 133/145 A
Motor (hp) 5 5 5 6
Mid-grid Support Shelf Partial
Horizontal Repeat Strip Cutting  
Lower Flip-stop    
Sliding Thin Panel Support    
Shifting Grid Manual Manual Electric Pneumatic
Motorized Saw Feed      
Saw Bridge Return