Vantage Horizontal Beam Saw

The Putsch® Vantage  is a flexible, compact horizontal beam saw that is ideal for growing fabricators seeking production, performance and value. The machine is fast and simple to set up, so switching from single sheet to batch or stack cutting is a breeze. The saw can be configured for both front and rear loading (with optional rear table), making this an investment that can grow to scale with your business.

Our commitment to excellence in technology is apparent in every detail. Available in three different rip lengths and pusher runs, the Vantage 95 and Vantage 110 are built upon a robust steel base to guarantee stability and cutting precision. Material can be easily loaded and handled due to heavy-duty steel front rollers and air flotation tables covered with replaceable phenolic surfaces. Unlike chain and cable systems that can wear down and “chatter,” Putsch® uses a rack and pinion feed system for quiet, vibration-free and maintenance-friendly operation.

The main saw and scoring blades feature independent ascent, and changing blades is simple thanks to our pneumatic blade change system. Based on material thickness and size, the Vantage 95/110 will automatically adjust the blade projection (to either 45 or 95 mm) and optimize the carriage run in order to provide the fastest cycle time possible for the job at hand.

Panel optimization, window-cutting and channeling operations are simple to accomplish from the user-friendly work station. The control features an adjustable 22-inch full-color display with keyboard, and has Ethernet and USB capability. The Windows-based software offers the operator the ability to import legacy optimization programs.

Technical Specifications

For more details about the VANTAGE 95 and VANTAGE 110, please download the full brochure.
Feature Specs
Blade Projection 95 mm (110 mm available)
Blade Diameter 350 mm
Cutting Length 10’ 6” – 12’ 6” – 14’ 9”
(3200 mm – 3800 mm – 4500 mm)
Pusher Feed Run 10’ 6” – 12’ 6” – 14’ 9”
(3200 mm – 3800 mm – 4500 mm)
Main Blade Motor 12 1/3 hp
Scoring Blade Motor 1 ½ hp
Scoring Blade 150 mm
Saw Carriage Speed Standard: 3-70 mt/min
Optional: 1-130 mt/min (brushless)
Pusher Feed Speed Standard: 25-60 mt/min
Optional: 25-70 mt/min (brushless)
Air Flotation Tables 3 tables (3200 and 3800 mm)
4 tables (4500 mm)
Pneumatic Grippers 5 grippers (3200 and 3800 mm)
6 grippers (4500 mm)