Putsch® on-site twin screw press service and spare parts

The Putsch® Group supports your operations — on site. Our experienced research and development staff, along with project engineers and service technicians, have a broad range of knowledge and experience in the dewatering of various matters.

Support and after-sales are essential elements in our business concept. Our customers can trust our ability to deliver skilled service and original spare parts - rapidly and efficiently - for all of our presses.

The Putsch® twin screw press service team is available to conduct:

  • Press and gearbox inspection
  • Spindle inspections
  • Flight refurbishing

Service will be performed according to the unique requirements of each customer and press condition. All services are executed by trained Putsch® technicians from our Asheville, NC location, using the specially designed Stord Flight builder equipment.

Please contact us for more information or refer to the Putsch® On-Site Twin Screw Press Service brochure.