A cost-effective solution for chipping of root vegetables

Putsch® has over 150 years of experience in the preparation and processing of sugar beets. From its earliest days, Putsch® has developed tools, machines and processes for sweetener and sugar production and the preparation of sugar beets. Putsch® is specially positioned to offer innovative engineering and trusted expertise in the root vegetable processing industry and has over time developed experience in the preparation of Feed Beets.


  • Adaptable and compatible with most payloader attachments
  • Can be used to process a wide variety of root vegetables
  • Easily integrates with Putsch® Beetmaster to streamline root cleaning and chipping
  • Two different counter-knife designs available for use with or without rocks
  • No need to wash and destone roots, depending on regional conditions
  • Various bucket sizes available to best suit your needs

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"The bucket is everything we hoped it would be. Built excellently and does exactly what we needed it for. You and your team were also extremely easy to work with! Props to all of you!"

Tyler Buba Lewis Farms, Canada