Stord twin screw presses for the sugar industry

Stord twin screw presses have obtained an outstanding position in a wide range of processing industries and are known worldwide in the sugar industry. The dewatering of sugar beet pulp after extraction is now one of the most important applications for these machines.

Continuous product development, adapting the design to changing requirements and process conditions, has kept Stord presses as the top choice for dewatering high moisture pulp and fibrous matter. The twin screw presses are available in a wide range of capacities to dewater a variety of wet fibrous materials, including sugar beet pulp, weeds and chicory pulp.

Our presses help turn pulp and weeds into a sellable product.

For more information on advantages, applications and technical data, please refer to our Stord Twin Screw Press Sugar Industry Brochure (PDF) or our Downloads page.