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Putsch® Group offers complete Solutions for the select industries we understand thoroughly—we are not just a supplier of pieces. Putsch® reduces complexity for customers through a wide range of integrated products and services.

Since its establishment in 1871, Putsch® Group is the worldwide Quality leader for its product range. The consistent focus on best technology and service optimizes the Customer Value over the lifetime of the product. In an ever-changing world, our dedicated, trained People are our greatest asset, and the source of Innovation. With these strengths, Putsch® Group stands for giving our customers the maximum Value overall.


Putsch Group
Putsch Group
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Renowned brands. Re-engineered with Putsch® quality.

Starting in early 2000, Putsch® acquired several well-known companies and product lines, including B&S, Bütfering machines for sugar, crops, vegetables and fruit, Glass & Wolff, and G&W. Today, Putsch® owns all patents, trademarks and copyrights associated with these brands and products. Putsch® services these products as the original manufacturer and is the provider of original spare parts.

B+S Maschinen® (Butterfly Brand) Butterfly brand
B + S Machines
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Bütfering Machines
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BMA Paddle Washers
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G & W
Oppermann & Deichmann
Oppermann & Deichmann
Bammann + Schreiber
Bammann + Schreiber