Stord twin screw presses for
seafood processing

For separation of liquids from processed seafood, the Stord Twin Screw Presses are the best machines available on the market. Stord Twin Screw Presses are available in nominal capacities ranging from 2.5 to 60 tons of raw material per hour; under certain conditions even higher capacities are obtainable. The design of the press is based upon a thorough examination of the structure and pressability of all types of raw materials, derived from extensive plant tests and based on more than 60 years of experience.

The newly designed L72-F is the most powerful Stord twin screw press with a nominal capacity of 60 tons of raw material per hour.


  • Press cake with high solids content
  • High fat recovery
  • Reliable in operation
  • Robust design
  • Long life with minimum maintenance
  • Low power consumption

For more information and technical data, please refer to our brochure.