Putsch® glass technology:
Diverse offerings, sheer genius

With more than 100 years of expertise, Putsch® offers a diverse range of glass industry products for engineers and artisans alike: shear blades, glassblowing tools and glass saws. The quality and precision of our products are matched only by our commitment to service. Putsch® Glass Technology: see exactly what we’re made of.

Glass Shear Blades

Our name has long been established as the supplier of the highest quality glass shear blades for gob feeders throughout the glass container, crystal glass, press glass, special and technical glass industry. The outstanding precision of Putsch® shear blade systems guarantee superior cutting results and minimal wear and tear. For more information, please check out our Shear Blades brochure.

Vertical Glass Panel Saw

The Putsch® SVP 1080 is a robust, precise and space-saving vertical saw for straight-line cuts of heavy flat glass types that include bulletproof, hurricane impact and fire-resistant glass. For more information visit our Glass Saw page.

Glassblowing Tool

Made by craftsmen, for craftsmen, in standard or customized designs to fit your specifications. We meld together the very best of old-world craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to bring you the right glassblowing tools for the right job—every time. Tools include blowpipes, blowing irons, shears, tongs, jacks, gathering irons and punty rods. For size and further information, please go to Tools.