CNC drilling, gluing, and dowel inserting machine

The Blitz 2.0 is a numerically controlled machine performing drilling, gluing and dowel inserting. The Blitz is equipped with 3 horizontal and 3 vertical drilling heads and is great for boring and the insertion of pins. Maintenance is made easy with an automatic device for injector cleaning and fast injector release. By being a reliable machine with simple software, this machine is great for production levels of high demand.

Blitz, the necessary complement for horizontal drilling and execution in "nesting" philosophy. Ideal for large quantities, the Blitz 2.0 is an essential complement to any workshop for the execution of horizontal drilling. The horizontal and vertical drilling heads allow for this machine to be able to perform at 6,000 rpm.

Blitz 2.0 with operator
Blitz 2.0 with operator and panel
Feature Specs
Dimensions 2,500 mm x 1,300 mm x 1,900 mm
(98.4 in x 51.2 in x 74.8 in)
Weight 850 Kg (approx. 1,873 lbs.)
Working Area X= 1,300 mm Y= 50 mm Z= 25 mm
(X= 51.2 in Y= 1.9 in Z= 0.98 in)
Notes 4 clamps to hold panels firmly
  Medium pressure pump for glue
  45 degree and 90 degree reference stop
  High capacity vibrator to feed the dowels
  Dowel dimensions are a 6 x 25 mm min. and a 10 x 40 mm max.
Blitz with dimensions
Blitz 2.0 with dimension labels
Blitz Diagram
Blitz Close Up
Testa Blitz Motor