K2 2.0 CNC Center

Welcome to the "Bar Nesting Revolution" with all of the nesting advantages, without limits in the execution of horizontal holes

The K2 2.0 is the best and most technically advanced machine for wood processing. The K2 has a patented Double Dynamic Transport (DDT) System with a double clamp technology that creates smooth panel movement. With an automatic tool changer and modern software, the programming for this machine is easy and efficient to use. This machine is perfect for companies of all sizes and is the optimal choice for your CNC woodworking needs.

The power of 4 machines are efficiently combined into one machining center: cutting unit, profile unit, drilling unit and routering-nesting. This compact and light machine is the ideal CNC for all workshop sizes, only taking up 5 sq. meters of space. With low energy consumption, the K2 2.0 will not cost as much as a traditional CNC, making it a great addition to companies of all budgets and productivity levels. Another quality that makes the K2 2.0 stand out against other typical CNC Routers is the easy installation. While most require complex transport and installation phases, the K2 is ready to go as soon as you connect it to your electrical system.