Putsch® SVP 980 A/T

The Putsch® SVP 980 A/T is our fully-automatic, premium model panel saw for industrial use. The automated cutting flexibility allows you to increase output and reduce the unit cost of each panel produced. The SVP 980 A/T features a precision linear guide rail system for smooth, accurate cuts and an independent scoring motor for a clean final result. A manually operated model, the SVP 980, is also available.

Innovative computer control system with touch screen display

The Putsch® SVP 980 A/T is equipped with an innovative computerized control system and a color touch screen display that is easy to read, even in low light.

Panel Saw Display Screen
Innovative Touch Screen

From the display you can select your language of choice (English, Spanish, French, etc.), select the desired cutting position, program cutting dimensions and adjust the feed rate and other control settings. All options are controlled through the PLC display.

The Putsch® SVP 980 A/T model features a USB and network interface for remote access to error messages, data retrieval and software updates.

Lower operating costs through full automation

The digital positioning system can be programmed and store multiple measurements to control and drive the saw bar and carriage assembly.

The horizontal cuts are performed by the automatic cutting system. An automatic sensor detects the vertical and horizontal ends of the panel and positions the saw bar to the desired cutting position. Once the desired position has been reached, the saw head will automatically plunge to start the cut. Once the cut is completed, the saw head will pull back on its own, and if desired, return to the original cutting position saving both time and cost of operation.

Comprehensive ease of use

All functions such as changing the vertical and horizontal cutting positions, switching scorers, activation of the window cut function and edging programs are controlled by the touch screen display and automatically executed.

All operation data is readily featured on the display and the operator can retrieve relevant data quickly and accurately. Status and maintenance messages are simple to understand, with color symbols and descriptive text. Settings, technical data, operating instructions and service videos can be quickly recalled and viewed on the screen, saving the operator from having to search through a printed operator’s manual.

Technical Specifications

Model Max. Cut Height Max. Trimming Height Max. Cut Length Max. Cut Depth Motor HP Blade Diameter Blade (RPM)
SVP 980 A/T 7' 2"
2200 mm
6' 11"
2100 mm
17' 5"
5300 mm
80 mm
7.5 hp 11.8"
300 mm