The PCR is a pneumatically powered unit that offers corner rounding abilities to workshops who already have existing edgebanders. Requiring no electrical hook-up, the PCR needs minimal floor space and easily integrates with existing production. The highly compact footprint of the machine is approximately 28 in. x 28 in. Operated via foot pedal, the corner rounder can process straight or shaped edges for a variety of rounding profiles. The oil hydraulic-powered system of the copier delivers smooth, continuous tool feed for quality finishing.

  • Panel stop positioning with numerical indicator
  • Panel stop positioning with start cycle and end cycle adjustment
  • Safety switch protection
  • Soundproofing within machine frame and guards

General Technical Data

Feature Specs
Panel Thickness 10mm – 50mm
Edge Thickness 0.3mm – 4 mm
Compressed Air Operating Pressure 6.5 bar
Compressed Air Consumption During Operation 120 NL/cycle
Dust Extraction Outlet Connections 100mm
Minimum Air Flow at Dust Extraction Outlets 20 m/s
Air Consumption of Dust Extraction System 580 m3/h
Weight 220 lbs

Corner Rounding Unit

Feature Specs
Motor Power 0.37 kW
Tool Rotation Speed 24000 RPM
Copier Bearing Ø 16 mm
Milling Tool R=2 z2, R=3 z2